Welcome to the Center of Excellence

The mission of Francis Marion University Center of Excellence to Prepare Teachers of Children of Poverty is to increase the achievement of children of poverty by improving the quality of undergraduate teacher preparation, graduate teacher preparation, and the professional development of in-service teachers.

Our goals for promoting the academic success of children in and of poverty in South Carolina

Prepare current and future teachers to educate effectively.

Enhance curriculums, instruction, and assessment in schools.

Serve as the premier resource for educators of children of poverty.


Best Practices Resources

Access Center recommended resources for addressing important issues in education, separated by topic.

Resource Library

The Center houses a lending library of resources relevant to the education of children of poverty, including videos, books, and other print resources. Holdings are continuously expanded to support educators’ needs for current research-based resources.

SC Poverty Index

SC Department of Education publishes the percentage of students in poverty for each school and district.

Center Publications

Access various Center publications available for online viewing or download.

Conferences & Events

Access information regarding upcoming events and conferences in South Carolina.

Grants Information

Access information about available grants available for South Carolina educators.

Teaching Children of Poverty Scholars student organization

Teaching Children of Poverty Scholars

The Center is excited to announce a new Student Organization, Teaching Children of Poverty Scholars

The mission of the Teaching Children of Poverty Scholars organization is to provide intensive opportunities for pre-service and in-service teachers to engage in activities specifically related to their work with under-resourced learners, including, but not limited to professional study, networking, and service. Monthly meetings are held on campus.

Fall meetings are scheduled for October 11 and November 8.

Spring meetings have been scheduled for January 24, February 26 and March 20.

Upcoming Events, Courses & Workshops



The Center publishes a monthly newsletter that features items of interest specifically to teachers of children of poverty. Distributed electronically, the newsletter is used to feature best practices and to advertise Center events.