Blad, E. (2019, January 15). Set Social-Emotional Learning Benchmarks to Guide Efforts, Commission Recommends. Retrieved March 6, 2019

Districts and policy makers should work with their communities to set a vision for social-emotional learning that helps focus efforts to improve children’s well-being, a national commission recommends. That vision can then be used to chart out developmentally appropriate milestones in those areas— like relationship skills and responsible decision making—giving educators and community groups a clearer understanding of how to carry it out, says a report released Tuesday by the Aspen Institute National Commission on Social, Emotional, and Academic Development. The commission sought to synthesize recommendations from a who’s who of 200 researchers, policy makers, educators, students, parents, and philanthropy representatives. Their vision: bold changes in education to help schools be more responsive to students’ social and emotional development and, in the process, to see academic gains.

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