Milner, R., IV, Cunningham, H., Delale-O’Connor, L., & Kestenberg, E. (2018, September). Confronting Inequity / Are the Kids Really Out of Control? Retrieved January 16, 2019

All over the United States, we have found that some teachers focus so much on rules that they sometimes forget the bigger picture of student development. In addition, in our work in schools across the United States and beyond, we have often heard educators proclaim,”These kids are out of control!” We have found that too many teachers see classroom management as a way to control students. They attempt to control how students think, when they speak, how (or whether) they move, and where they complete their work. But far from being a constructive part of education, attempts to control students can have a damaging effect over time, and they tend to be met with increasing resistance as students grow older—which can lead to intensified problems. In our work, we attempt to convey to teachers that traditional classroom management mindsets and practices can be seen as a form of injustice and must be reimagined as educators work to meet the increasingly diverse needs of students.

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