Pillars, W. (2018, June 28). Eight Burnout-busting Self-care Strategies. Retrieved January 16, 2019

Feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, and as if one more thing (step, mandate, responsibility, deadline) will break you? You’re not alone. If you feel like you’re swimming in mud just to get out of bed to face the day, you may be experiencing burnout. It’s not uncommon if you’re an educator, thanks to the increasing demands on your time and decreasing time to get things done. Personally, I love what I do, which means I often don’t separate work from “life”—and therein lies the road to burnout. To keep burnout at bay, I run through this checklist of self-care and self-preservation strategies. Go through this list, one element at a time, to discover areas ripe for just one small change.

Best Practices