Courses & Certifications

Course Offerings:

Francis Marion University offers a menu of graduate courses specifically designed for teachers of children of poverty. These courses may be offered in face-to-face, distance, or hybrid formats. Additionally, districts and schools may contract with Francis Marion for on-site delivery of any graduate course. Contact the Center office for details.

A series of four 3-credit graduate (EDUC 555, EDUC 599, EDUC 635, EDUC 636) courses will, together, meet all requirements for South Carolina’s Add-On Certification for Teachers of Children of Poverty. These courses may transfer to other institutions, however that decision is ALWAYS made by the receiving institution. Contact your college or university to verify transfer credit.

Francis Marion University also offers professional development  graduate courses (EDPD 525, EDPD 526 and EDPD 527) that are specifically offered for professional learning purposes. While these 3-graduate credit courses include similar content to traditional graduate (EDUC) courses, they may NOT be used toward the Add-On Certification for Teachers of Children of Poverty. Courses typically taught in this format may be used for recertification credit, but rarely will be accepted as transfer credit. It is the responsibility of the student to verify that EDPD courses will meet credit, recertification, or other needs.

Register–Graduate Study Offerings:  

EDPD 525, 526, 527 and EDUC 555 are typically offered in Summer sessions.  Additional graduate courses are offered to meet demands. Click here to learn more. 


Learn more about the requirements necessary to obtain the Add-On Certification for Teachers of Children of Poverty.


View current and upcoming graduate courses dedicated to addressing the diverse challenges of educating children in and of poverty.

Standards for Teachers
of Children of Poverty

Review the six standards and related strategies developed by the Center to promote academic success in children of poverty.