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Graduate Level EDPD 525 – Professional Development
This course is designed to provide graduate students with an initial study of issues related to life in poverty and the impact they have on teaching and learning. It includes an introductory study of six standards for teachers of children of poverty, including: life in poverty; the classroom community; family and community partnerships; curriculum design, instructional strategies and assessment; relationship-driven classroom management; and teachers as learners, leaders and advocates to improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment in schools serving large numbers of children of poverty.

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About EDPD Professional Development Courses at Francis Marion University:
EDPD 525 Professional Development courses are offered at Francis Marion University in many disciplines and content areas. Courses are scheduled at the request of local school districts, educational agencies, or consortia, subject to the approval of the School. Graduate institutional credit (institutional credit means that the hours earned and the grade points are included only in semester totals, which reflect total hours and credits earned. Neither the grade points nor the hours earned are reflected in the cumulative totals, which reflect total hours and credits toward degrees) may be earned, but EDPD cannot be applied toward the M.Ed. or M.A.T. programs at FMU. Undergraduate institutional credit (see parenthetical explanation above) may also be earned.

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