COVID-19 Update

As we all face this time of unprecedented challenges, your Center of Excellence to Prepare Teachers of Children of Poverty staff is working daily to continue and expand our efforts to support your needs. While our delivery methods and activities will shift during this time, we are working every day to develop and curate resources that will help you now and when we resume face-to-face activities.

Our central goal is to support you, our stakeholders:

Pre-service Teachers & Graduate Students
While distance learning has become the new normal on the campus of Francis Marion University, we stand ready to offer resources and materials needed for success in your coursework. Email or call with your needs.

In-Service Teachers and Leaders
Teachers are developing new strategies for this new time. As you work to shift instruction, we know that you are faced with the same challenges that are the focus of the Center’s 25 Best Practices, many of which must be approached from a different angle. We add new resources for applying these practices, especially in a distance format, every day, and these materials are always available on our website’s Best Practices and through social media. 


Professional Study and Supports Needs Assessment

Challenging times call for re-imagined services and supports around the Center’s 25 Key Practices that can be offered in innovative ways through distance platforms.

Live webinars? Grab-and-go activities? Coursework? Something else altogether?

Please respond to this brief, four-question survey that will help us design the professional study and supports you currently need and want:
The survey will take about two minutes of your time.

Thank you for you help as we work to serve you more effectively.