Essay Contest

The Center of Excellence Essay Contest is designed to give Teacher Cadets, current undergraduate and graduate students at Francis Marion University, and in-service P-12 teachers in Center Partner Districts, the opportunity to write about the challenges of working with children of poverty.

The topic selected each year is intended to encourage participants to develop their own views about a central idea while concurrently substantiating these views with references to current research. In addition to the opportunity for written expression, participants have the opportunity to win cash awards.

Essay Contest Winners

2019 Spring Undergraduates
Kendria Mason
Jaclyn Waldron

2019 Spring Honorable Mentions
Annabelle Perner
Zoe Geddie

2019 Spring Teacher Cadets
Sarah Stone
Caitie Eggert

2018 Fall Undergraduates
Leigh Anna Driggers
Courtney Hayes

2018 Fall Honorable Mentions
Jacqueline Hancock
Melayna Neupert
Elizabeth Norris

2018 Spring Teacher Cadets
Alex Tompkins – Dillion Christian Academy
Amanda Williams – Dillion Christian Academy

2018 Spring Undergraduates
Courtney Conyers
Tanisha Thompson

2018 Spring Graduates
Ina Graf
Christopher Shaul

2017 Graduates
Paul Wells
Jennifer Huber

2015 Graduate
Noelle Margaret Ford

2014 Graduate
Rachel ArceJaeger

2014 Graduate
Hannah Williams

2014 Undergraduate
Leanne Elizabeth Rogers

2013 Graduates
Sara Gregson
Gregory Herb

2012 Graduates
Tamela Barfield George
Gaye H. Graham

2012 Teacher Cadets
Matthew Lee Woodward
Ansley Newell

2011 Graduates
Stacy Fitts
Lena McDonald-Greene
Verbiatene F. Weaver

2011 Teacher Cadets
Joyce Nettles
Dexter Benjamin Gore
Kaylor Jeffords
Brooke Mogy

2010 Graduate
Cynthia McDuffie

2010 Teacher Cadets
Katherine Nicole Watson
Erica S. Brown