Mastery Assessment Award

Because no nationally standardized assessment for teachers of children of poverty currently exists, a mastery test has been developed by the Center of Excellence. The assessment is administered each semester to Francis Marion student teachers at the conclusion of their final semester of preparation. This data is provided to School of Education program committees and faculty so that it may be used to inform programmatic changes that will support the ever-increasing success of FMU graduates as teachers of children of poverty.

Prizes are awarded to the student teachers who attain the highest scores each semester on the Mastery Assessment and they are featured in Center of Excellence publications.

Mastery Assessment Award Recipients

2018 Fall
Natalie Hilley, Kaci Willis, Austin Halliburton

2018 Spring
DeNisha Pooler, Kaylan Bouchette, Jessica Craig

2017 Fall
Shelly Smith, Hampton Johnston, Walter Smith

2017 Spring
Fran Langston, Angelica Rainwater, Allie Elvington

2016 Fall
Stephanie Roberts, Lindsay Smith, Jill Webster

2016 Spring
Kristina Chandler, Adrian Jacobs, Katie Gorman

2015 Fall
Morgan Gilbert, Grace Lyman, Tars Gainey, Mary Cox, Ashley Koval, Anna Moore, Altia Hamm

2015 Spring
Katie Grogan, Benton Boyd, Donna Walker

2014 Fall
Carolina Smith, Lyn Sullivan, Macey Owens

2014 Spring
Cristin Richards, Ashley Hall, Elizabeth Graham, Jessica Greenwood, Brooke Hilburn, Christine McKenzie

2013 Fall
Kimberly Davis, Amanda Privette, Cheryl Cottingham

2012 Spring
April Cox, Samantha Pollett, Katrina T. Johannsen

2011 Fall
Cherise Thayer, Patricia Donohue, Vernita Scarborough

2011 Spring
James Smyth, James Jones, Caroline Jowwers

2010 Fall
Brittany Sanders, Kristen Shackelford, Vance L. Evans, Douglas DeLoshier