Partnership Training and Workshops

The Center of Excellence holds two training sessions each year for all of the NNPS Partner Schools.  The end-of-year-breakfast is held in the spring of each year and another training is held each fall.  Each new Partner District is also trained when they join NNPS through the Center of Excellence.

One-Day Training

In a One-Day Team-Training Workshop, information is presented, several applications and discussions are conducted, and a draft One-Year Action Plan is written for later discussion and completion at participants’ schools. The One-Day Team Training Workshop aims to help attendees

  1. Understand the framework of the six types of involvement.
  2. Recognize the starting points of present practices at their schools.
  3. Understand that they must meet specific challenges to conduct a high-quality program of productive partnerships with all families.
  4. Know that practices of partnership can be linked to specific school goals for improving the school climate and for helping students reach academic and behavioral results.
  5. Understand the structure and members of an Action Team for Partnerships.
  6. Write a draft of a One-Year Action Plan for Partnerships for the next school year.

Action Team for Partnership Training

The Center offers guidance and support to the Action Team for Partnership (ATP).  The ATP is a committee or work group that is an extension of the School Council or School Improvement team.  The ATP is a special committee for planning and conducting partnership practices, a specific component of school improvement.