P-12 Outreach Projects

Grant funds are available and will be awarded for P-12 Professional Development Projects that address issues related to the education of children of poverty.

Successful Center of Excellence Professional Development Project grants will be awarded on a competitive basis to P-12 public school educators in Center Partner Districts. Projects will be funded at amounts up to $2,000 per cycle for an academic year.

Learn about recent Center-funded projects below, and access the Grant Writing Training presentation above that is designed to introduce the grant-writing process and to support your future submissions.

Overall Guidelines

  • Awards will be made to Center Partner District Educators for projects that focus on the development or expansion of best practices or specific strategies for teaching children of poverty.
  • Projects will be funded for up to $2,000 per Outreach Project.

Proposal Guidelines and Restrictions

  1. Center P-12 Professional Development Outreach Projects are open to Public School Educators (P-12) in Center Partner Districts ONLY. Proposals may be submitted by an individual or group within the partner district.
  2. All Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs), if applicable must play a significant role in the proposed project.
  3. Preference will be given to projects that potentially benefit the most children of poverty.
  4. Outreach Project recipients must present project findings at the Center’s Summer Institute. Depending on the format of the institute, projects may be shared through a video/virtual or panel/face-to-face format.
Calls for Proposals will be available for Fall 2021 (August 1) and Spring 2022 (December 1)

Some Previously Funded Projects

Learn & Play: Virtual Family Engagement for Pre-K

Lexington 1

This grant provided a 14-week virtual family engagement program with an emphasis on building foundational skills for preschool children.  Funds were provided to support the purchasing of backpacks for each family that included preschool concept books and other supplies for at-home instruction.

Thriving Beyond Bias


This grant provided middle and high school teachers the opportunity to explore biases towards children of poverty, create core beliefs/values as a district and develop strategies to better serve all students.  Funds were provided to provide virtual professional development experiences related to bias assessment, neuroscience of trauma and trauma-informed teaching, social-emotional learning, and mindfulness in the classroom.

Dent Depot

Richland 2

This grant provided a sort of shopping center where students and families experiencing homelessness or were at risk of homelessness could access basic supplies.  Funds were provided to support the purchase of non-perishable foods, hygiene items, school supplies, etc. for the Depot. 

Explore, Discover & Learn in The R.E.D. Zone


This grant provided multiple Literacy-based and STEM-focused learning centers geared towards age-appropriate activities for Pre-K and Kindergarten students.  Funds were provided to create permanent centers and to support a family involvement component.  

Multisensory Accommodations for All Learners

Florence 1

This grant provided resources to accommodate multisensory learners to increase student engagement and academic achievement.  Funds were provided to purchase a variety of flexible seating options, as well as reading, writing, and focusing supports.

P.A.S.S. Project

Richland 2
This grant provided a tutoring and homework center for students struggling academically. Funds were provided for the tutoring center, student t-shirts and other incentives, a school supply closet for academic needs, and refreshments for a family event.

Bee Engaged Readers

Richland 2

This grant provided take-home reading kits so all 1st graders could work on reading skills and building fluency and included a Virtual Bee Engaged Literacy Night and the creation of Reading Bee Buddies where 4th graders were paired with 1st graders for virtual reading. Funds were provided to support the purchasing of the take-home reading packages, the literacy night, and incentives for the completion of weekly READO activities.

Previous P-12 Outreach Projects

Referrals to Regulation: Meeting Students’ Sensory Needs to Gain Positive Outcomes
Wallace Gregg Elementary – Florence School District One
Jamie Matthews

Diamond2Diamond-Peer Elevation through Collaboration & Mentoring
Lower Richland High School – Richland School District One
Carroll Kelley

Mommy, Daddy, Please Read with Me
College Park Elementary – Berkeley County School District
Kimberly Rogers

Mother Read Literacy
Berkely County School District
Jane Harrelson

Your Money Matters
Timmonsville High School – Florence School District Four
Christopher Lewis

Blythewood Academy Weather Net
Blythewood Academy- Richland School District Two
James Keels

Implementing a School Makerspace to Improve Real-World Problem Solving
Jackson Creek Elementary- Richland School District Two
Tim Swick, Angie Enlow, Dr. Sabina Taylor

One School, One Book: We’re All Wonders
Dent Middle School- Richland School District Two
Shanitra Deas, Scott Palmo, Arlene Bakutes

Bridging the Gap between the School and the Community through STEM
Marlboro High School – Marlboro County School District
Maria Maderal

B.O.N.E.S. Building Out Network and Encouraging Service
Round Top Elementary School- Richland County School District Two
Clarissa Bennett

Lights, Camera, Action! At Anna Boyd
Anna Boyd School- Richland School District Two
Mikkia Neal

Revolutionizing the American Revolution
Britton’s Neck Elementary School- Marion County School District Seven
Nancy N. Etman

From Salt March to Shoreline
Johnakin Middle School- Marion School District One
Tammy Hudson

Building Excellence with Success Habits
Lake City Elementary School- Florence School District Three
Linda Robinson

What a Wonderful World
Timrod Elementary School- Florence School District One
Debra Purvis

Data Makes the Difference in Math
Delmae Heights Elementary School- Florence School District One
April Coe and Ginger Baggette

Preschool Authors: A Step Ahead
South Elementary School- Dillon School District Two
Victoria Gray and Kathy Cooper

World Festival of Music and Arts
Walker-Gamble Elementary School- Clarendon School District Three
Rebecca H. Poston

Read (Recess, Exercise & Academics Daily)
Manning Elementary School- Clarendon School District Two
Shanna Morgan

Making Math Count
Manning Early Childhood Center- Clarendon School District Two
Kristi Motley

Going on a Sensory Diet
Manning Early Childhood Center- Clarendon School District Two
Betty Harrington

Utilizing Technology for Science Inquiry and Standards
Scott’s Branch High School- Clarendon School District One
Harold Ehnhuss

My Home Town
Timrod Elementary School- Florence School District One
Debra Purvis, Brenda Windham, and Lynn Pew

Gotta Love ‘Em
Timrod Elementary School- Florence School District One
Edwina Faulkenberry and Elizabeth Jackson

Latta Middle School- Dillon School District Three
Ronald Wiggins and Martha Heyward

A Whale of a Tale
Latta Early Childhood Center- Dillon School District Three
Krista Byrd and Charley McIntyre

M.A.P. to Achievement
North Hartsville Elementary School- Darlington County School District
Ryan Milling

Smart Sewing
East Clarendon Middle School- Clarendon School District Three
Dee Driggers, Danielle Culick, and Faye Gamble

Let the Music Play
Manning Elementary School- Clarendon School District Two
Shanna Morgan and Allyson Goff