P-12 Outreach Projects

Grant funds are available and will be awarded for P-12 Professional Development Projects that address issues related to the education of children of poverty.

Successful Center of Excellence Professional Development Project grants will be awarded on a competitive basis to P-12 public school educators in Center Partner Districts. Projects will be funded at amounts up to $2,000 per cycle for an academic year.

Learn about recent Center-funded projects below, and access the Grant Writing Training presentation above that is designed to introduce the grant-writing process and to support your future submissions.

Overall Guidelines

  • Awards will be made to Center Partner District Educators for projects that focus on the development or expansion of best practices or specific strategies for teaching children of poverty.
  • Projects will be funded for up to $2,000 per Outreach Project.

Proposal Guidelines and Restrictions

  1. Center P-12 Professional Development Outreach Projects are open to Public School Educators (P-12) in Center Partner Districts ONLY. Proposals may be submitted by an individual or group within the partner district.
  2. All Principal Investigators (PIs) and Co-Principal Investigators (Co-PIs), if applicable must play a significant role in the proposed project.
  3. Preference will be given to projects that potentially benefit the most children of poverty.
  4. Outreach Project recipients must present project findings at the Center’s Summer Institute. Depending on the format of the institute, projects may be shared through a video/virtual or panel/face-to-face format.
Calls for Proposals will be available for Fall 2022 (August 1) and Spring 2023 (December 1)

Previously Funded Projects

Tears for a Pack of Crayons: A Real World Perspective of an Elementary Student During a Pandemic

Lexington 1

This grant provided an anonymous resource for the children at White Knoll Elementary School and their families who were in need of essential supplies to promote academic success, named Project Timberwolf. Funds were provided to support the purchasing of non-perishable food items, hygiene and cleaning supplies, and clothing for each child and their family.

A Literary Confectionery: The Sweetness of Stress Reduction and Family Engagement through Reading for Pleasure


This grant provided the children and families of Blacksburg Elementary School the opportunity to read a novel together and complete student learning activities in an effort to reduce stress and increase reading for pleasure. Funds were provided for purchasing and distribution of the reading material as well as any additional materials to enhance the at-home reading experience for the students and families.

Reading Pet Engagement

Richland 2

This grant provided a literacy-based learning approach by targeting the rate of reading of fiction and non-fiction books amidst the pandemic.  Funds were provided for a library card, reading materials, and supplemental activities to target reading comprehension.

Motivated Mustangs


This grant provided support for a school-wide initiative to implement positive behavioral interventions and supports for all students at Muller Road Middle School.  Funds were provided to provide positive reinforcements for student behavior such as healthy snacks, water bottles, school supplies, and other materials to create positive relationships with the students and staff.  

Panther Archery Team - On Target for Life


This grant provided opportunity for students on the middle and high school Panther Archery Team to participate in the activity without worrying about cost. Funds were provided to purchase resources to cover the operating needs of the team.

1 Book + 600 Readers x Collaborative Energy = Reading Excitement!

This grant provided literary and academic resources for students at Grassy Pond Elementary School in order to promote increased literacy levels and home-to-school relations. Funds were provided for the school to purchase, distribute, and discuss the context of the book related to the classroom. 

DREM STARS (Sisters Taking Action to Reach Success)


This grant provided an opportunity for first-generation students and provide resources and services through the program STARS.