Best Practice: 16 - Grow Emotional & Soft Skills

Grow Emotional & Soft Skills Emotional skills are required for school and life success. While some emotions are hard-wired from birth, other key emotional responses must be taught. Students who lack a full range of emotional and soft skills often struggle at school. Educators who understand the complexities of emotional skill development will be able to provide specific emotional and soft skills instruction for learners who exhibit a more narrow range of appropriate emotional responses to the socially-complex school environment.

Moving Minds

BrainPrimers™ are physical activity decks designed to engage students’ attention, memory, self-control, cognitive flexibility, self-regulation, and social interaction through fun physical movements. These mindful, beat-based activities were developed by Dr.

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Calming End-of-Year Stress

The school year’s end can be stressful for students leaving a structured environment for uncertain situations. Offer connection and affirmation to help them feel valued and confident.

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